League of Women Voters HB 490 Testimony

December 23, 2014
Read full testimony at link below.

Ohio Citizen Action HB 490 Testimony

December 23, 2014
Read the full testimony at the link below.

OEC Comments: 2015 Proposed 404 Open-Lake Disposal of Cleveland Harbor dredged material

December 17, 2014
The undersigned organizations support the Corps’ dredging efforts in the Cleveland Harbor insofar as they ensure continued navigability of federal navigation channels. However, we remain strongly opposed to the Corps’ proposal for open-lake disposal of dredged Cleveland Harbor sediments. Open-lake disposal of contaminated sediments at CLA-1, as proposed in PN No. CLEVELAND 15 would violate state water quality standards and cause unacceptable impacts to the aquatic ecosystem and to human and wildlife health.

Requested Changes to HB 490

December 5, 2014
As outlined in our testimony to the Senate Agriculture Committee, the OEC respectfully requests the following urgent revisions to HB 490 (As Passed by the House). Thank  you for your consideration. 1. Oil and Gas - Penalties Request:

Interested Party Testimony of Jack Shaner, Deputy Director, Ohio Environmental Council Substitute House Bill 490 (As Passed by the House)

December 4, 2014
Chairman Hite, Vice-Chair Balderson, Ranking Minority Member Gentile, and Members of the Ohio Senate Agriculture Committee: Thank you for this opportunity to testify on Sub. House Bill 490 (As Passed by the House), the mid-budget review for ODAg, ODNR, and OEPA. My name is Jack Shaner, and I am Deputy Director for the Ohio Environmental Council. The OEC appears today as an Interested Party, with strong support for several provisions in the bill but vigorous opposition to others.

Two Draft Amendments Suggested in OEC Dec. 3, 2015 Testimony

December 4, 2014
Draft Amendment - Oil + Gas Chemical Information

Comments Submitted by Ohio Environmental Council on the US EPA's Clean Power Plan

November 20, 2014
The United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (US EPA) Clean Power Plan, proposed on June 2, 2014, is a significant first step in preventing a future that scientists predict will include more intense and more frequent heat waves, droughts, extreme weather events and algal blooms. The proposed carbon pollution reductions in Ohio will help ensure our state is not contributing to what would otherwise be a global catastrophe, with substantial local impacts.

Sub. HB 490 (As Reported by House Ag + Natural Resources Committee) - Ag, DNR, EPA

November 19, 2014
Here is a brief summary of several important changes made by the House to HB 490, the Administration's MBR for ODAg, ODNR and OEPA. The OEC remains an Interested Party on Sub. HB 490, strongly supporting some provisions while strongly opposing others. We thank Chairman Hall and his Committee for the positive changes and urge the House to accept them.