Testimony of the Ohio Environmental Council RE: Ohio EPA’s 2014 Modification of the 401 WQC for the NWPs

September 9, 2014
My name is Nathan Johnson.  I serve as an attorney for the Ohio Environmental Council, (“OEC”), a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to securing healthy air, land, and water for all who call Ohio home. I would like to thank the Ohio EPA and the Corps for holding today’s hearing and for inviting public testimony on this very important subject.  My testimony today will focus primarily on Ohio EPA’s proposed modifications to Nationwide Permits 12 and 49.

Lake Erie Caucus Algae Forum: Testimony of Adam Rissien, OEC Director of Agricultural &Water Policy

August 15, 2014
The Ohio Environmental Council offers our sincere thanks to Co-Chairs Senators Randy Gardner and Capri Cafaro and Representatives Chris Redfern and Mike DoVilla, and all of the Lake Erie Caucus members for convening today’s event to hear how we can prevent another water crisis in Toledo that caused nearly half a million people to shut off their tap water because it was too toxic to drink or use to bathe. 

Action Agenda for Securing a Safe Drinking Water Supply

August 6, 2014
Alliance for the Great Lakes *  —American Rivers * —Environment Ohio —* Freshwater Future * —Lake Erie Charter Boat Association —* Lake Erie Waterkeeper Inc. —* Ohio Environmental Council —* National Wildlife Federation —* Sierra Club

A Letter from Environmental Groups to Gov. Kasich

June 5, 2014
Dear Governor Kasich, We, the undersigned environmental advocacy organizations, write to urge you to veto Ohio Senate Bill 310 (SB 310). For the reasons summarized below, and in light of the US Environmental Protection Agency's release of the draft carbon standards for existing power plants, SB 310 is not in the public interest. 

Ohio House Public Utilities Committee Opponent Testimony – Am. Sub. Senate Bill 310 May 20, 2014

May 27, 2014
Chairman Stautberg, Ranking Member Williams and members of the Ohio House Public Utilities Committee; my name is Trish Demeter and I am the Managing Director of Energy and Clean Air Programs for the Ohio Environmental Council (OEC). Thank you for the opportunity to provide comments today on Ohio Senate Bill 310. The OEC is opposed to SB 310 for many reasons, but namely

Testimony on HB 483 (As Passed By House) - Mid-Biennium Review

May 14, 2014
Chairman Oelslager, Vice-Chair Coley, Ranking Minority Member Sawyer, and Members of the Ohio Senate Finance Committee, thank you for this opportunity to present Interested Party testimony on Amended Substitute House Bill 483 (As Passed by the House). Here is a brief summary of our concerns, listed in alphabetical order by affected agency: COM (CD4) - Underground Storage Tank Revolving Loan Fund (Same as Executive)

Green Paper: Brent Spence Bridge Toll

May 14, 2014
Amended House Bill 497 (As Passed by the Ohio House)

OEC's Testimony on ODNR's Idle and Orphan Well Program

May 13, 2014
Chairman McClain, Vice-Chair Scherer, Ranking Minority Member Letson, and Members of the Ohio House Ways and Means Committee, thank you for this opportunity to present Interested Party testimony on Substitute House Bill 375 (As Pending in Committee). My name is Jack Shaner, I am Deputy Director of the Ohio Environmental Council.

The Verdict is In: Ohio's Energy Efficiency Standard is a Great Deal for Ohioans

April 29, 2014
Based on utility reports filed with the PUCO annually: Ohio's Energy Efficiency Standard is working. Ohio's four investor-owned electric utilities have spent $456 million on efficiency programs that have saved their customers $1.03 billion to date on their electric bills.   

Green Paper: Capital Improvements Budget

April 18, 2014
Amended House Bill 497 (As Passed by the Ohio House) OEC's Summary: Amended House Bill 497 (As Passed by the House) authorizes the following capital project funding: