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Attack on Clean Energy Law Defeated!

For the second time in two weeks, the sponsor of a proposal to gut Ohio's Clean Energy Law failed to muster enough support amongst his own Republican colleagues to bring his bill to a scheduled committee vote.

The vigorous, months-long effort of manufacturers, consumers, and environmental advocates the OEC is helping lead stopped FirstEnergy and the other enemies of clean energy in their tracks! Read more.

OEC Proposes SAFER GAS Act for Oil & Gas Drilling

Ohio law leaves citizens, landowners, air and water vulnerable to inattention, exploitation, and contamination. Contending that Ohioans are not adequately protected from the risks of horizontal, hydrological fracturing - or "fracking" -for oil and gas, the Ohio Environmental Council today proposed a sweeping upgrade to state oil and gas laws. Read more.

PUCO Rules for Consumers and Against FirstEnergy

Just one week after re-scheduling a vote on a controversial case in which utility giant, FirstEnergy, allegedly overcharged their customers, the Public Utilities Commission (PUCO) ruled that the company owes customers $43.4 million dollars for improper charges. Read more.

State Cancels Deal that Would Have Destroyed Rare Wetland

Rare natural area to remain in hands of the state and citizens of Ohio.

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Quail Hollow State Park
Video: Quail Hollow Hike & Presentation Against Fracking

Concerned citizens converged at Quail Hollow State Park to protest the leasing and fracking of the park.

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