Ohio pipeline spill raises broader questions about oversight

“From its onset, the Rover Pipeline project has been a disaster for Ohio’s fragile wetland ecosystems,” said Heather Taylor-Miesle of the Ohio Environmental Council. In her view, the company’s spills “demonstrate a lack of respect for both Ohio’s environment and the people who live here.”...

On May 2, the Ohio Environmental Council, Sierra Club and two other groups sued in federal court to block plans to allow drilling in parts of the Wayne National Forest in southeastern Ohio.

Rover Pipeline Construction Leaks Raise Questions of Contamination

But Melanie Houston with the Ohio Environmental Council says that wetland is supposed to protect a wide array of species.

“The effects that it has is the potential to smother out any aquatic life,” Houston said.

There’s no word yet on the exact impact on the wetlands or its aquatic life. The Ohio Environmental Council would like to see an investigation into this spill.

Nature fans gather at endangered Sawmill Wetlands to celebrate spring

Heather Taylor-Miesle, executive director of the Ohio Environmental Council, hopes the legal wrangling between the state and the private developer won’t end in the Sawmill Wetland’s erasure. She said she’s still hopeful for an out-of-court arrangement.

“While these two parties are squabbling, who loses out? The people do,” she said. “Let’s save the heartbreak and sit down at a table and figure it out.”

Theodore Decker: Endangered bats, your days are numbered

That's why the timing of projects such as the Rover pipeline and increased drilling exploration in the Wayne couldn't be worse, said Nathan Johnson, an attorney with the Ohio Environmental Council.

"These bats are really on their heels as it is," he said. "They're on the brink of extinction."

Johnson is a bat ally, and there are others at his side.

Johnson said of the bats: "They're our best friends when it comes to insect and mosquito control. Some species are excellent pollinators, too."

Designing Landscapes Using Native Plants

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14th Annual Amish Bird Symposium

The Nature Conservancy once again is a proud sponsor of the annual Adams County Amish Bird Symposium, scheduled for Saturday, March 4th, 2017.

Join the Adams County Travel & Visitors Bureau and the Adams County Amish Community for a daylong celebration of birds that features speakers, vendors, live raptors from Raptor Incorporated, and other activities. Registration required. Deadline is 2/24. For additional information and to register, please visit the Adams County Travel and Visitors Bureau.

Lawsuit Launched Over Fracking in Wayne National Forest

The groups assert fracking would industrialize Ohio's only national forest, increase climate pollution, destroy the Indiana bat's habitat and risk contamination of water supplies that support endangered mussels and local communities.

"Pipelines, well pads and wastewater pits destroy habitat and harm people and wildlife," said Nathan Johnson, an attorney with the Ohio Environmental Council. "These impacts are real. In 2014, a frack pad fire and chemical spill near the Wayne forced the evacuation of local residents and killed tens of thousands of fish and mussels."


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