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The Fight for Ohio’s Clean Energy Future

Ohio’s clean energy standards are under attack—and we need your help to protect them!

In 6 years we’ve helped clean the environment, create thousands of green-collar jobs, and all Ohioans have seen millions in savings on their utility bills. So why does the legislature want to roll back that progress and “freeze” these standards?

2016 officially hottest year on record, time to get serious on clean energy in Ohio

Today, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration issued its “State of the Climate in 2016” report indicating that last year was the hottest on record. For those of you who’ve been following this issue, the news will likely come as no surprise.

In fact, this is the third year in a row to be called “the hottest on record.” The trend shows an alarming increase in global temperatures that are already causing a number of negative health and environmental impacts across the globe.

A Big Change To Ohio's Green Energy Benchmarks Could Be Coming

Last year Gov. John Kasich vetoed another two year freeze on the state's renewable energy benchmarks, saying the freeze would do self-inflicted damage to Ohio's economic competitiveness. That effort is now underway to replace those standards with "goals" with a bill that's supported by more than half the Republican dominated House.

Meanwhile, a report from the conservative think-tank the Buckeye Institute says Ohio could lose more than 134,000 jobs and $15.5 billion in gross domestic product in the next ten years if the standards - which they call mandates - are not repealed.

New Ohio ‘bailout’ request shakes up nuclear/carbon debate

“This attempted bailout does nothing to move Ohio forward, and would hold us back from a rapidly evolving clean energy transition that is creating a lot of new opportunity, more sustainable jobs, and cutting edge technologies,” said Trish Demeter of the Ohio Environmental Council...

“FirstEnergy’s two nuclear plants are old, and we are asking why Ohioans should be paying for a nuclear subsidy when other resources are less risky, less expensive and much better for the environment overall,” said Demeter at the Ohio Environmental Council.

Light Up With LED Trade-In

If you have registered (and received confirmation of your participation) for the Light Up With LED program, now's the time to come pick up your free LED bulbs! Bring the non-LED bulbs that you would like to trade in to the Union Credenza. We'll give you a bag of up to 5 LED bulbs and information on additional actions you can take to conserve energy and save money!

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