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Ohio House bill would ease fracking in state parks

March 4, 2015
Landis said park land would see “no surface disruption” because no wellheads would be drilled on state property, just horizontal wells more than a mile underground. The chairman said the Ohio Department of Transportation owns more land that could be subject to fracking than does the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

Ohio rejects AEP request to put risk onto customers

February 26, 2015
The Ohio Environmental Council saw PUCO's decision as a victory for customers' wallets and air quality. "AEP's anti-environment, anti-competition, and anti-consumer plan would derail our path toward a cleaner energy future for Ohio. The PUCO determined this plan would provide no benefit to consumers and we hope the Commission will turn down similar requests to support old, dirty and outdated power plants from FirstEnergy and Duke Energy," said Trent Dougherty, managing director of Legal Affairs for the Ohio Environmental Council.

Ohio Senate approves farm runoff bill

February 19, 2015
The Ohio Environmental Council would like to see more steps taken to address the manure trucked away from major livestock operations, something Gov. John Kasich proposes to do in his recently introduced budget proposal. His proposal would require haulers to receive certification similar to what was recently mandated for applicators of chemical fertilizers.

Toxic-algae bill likely to get Ohio Senate vote today

February 18, 2015
Environmental groups generally support the bill but question whether it goes far enough. Both the Ohio Farmers Union and Adam Rissien, director of agricultural and water-quality programs for the Ohio Environmental Council, said the five-year sunset provision should be removed. They also are concerned that the bill allows a farmer to spread manure on frozen ground repeatedly for a month but incur only one penalty. Rissien also would like to see manure applications limited to rates needed for crops to grow.

Opinions Split On Impact Of SUPCO Ruling Barring Local Fracking Bans

February 18, 2015
The Munroe Falls case involved a permitting process on the local level, which is overridden by the permitting process on the state level. And for that reason, some critics of the decision say they think it’s very narrow, and that the door is open to those who want to make different arguments on local fracking bans. Nathan Johnson is an attorney with the Ohio Environmental Council. 

Lake Erie activists question politicians’ plans to cut Ohio farm runoff

February 16, 2015
State Rep. David Hall, a Republican from Millersburg, is a co-sponsor of the House bill. He said he wanted to move quickly to get the bill passed because environmentalists, farmers and scientists all agree that spreading manure on frozen or saturated fields is a bad practice. But Adam Rissien, the director of agricultural and water policy at the Ohio Environmental Council, said that’s not enough. “It’s a step forward, and we need to recognize it’s a step forward,” he said. “But we’re not running yet.”

More regulations proposed for manure in Ohio

February 5, 2015
Businesses that sell, transport, and apply manure from large livestock operations will join people who must get state certification to apply chemical fertilizers as part of efforts to reduce toxic algal blooms on Lake Erie under Gov. John Kasich’s budget proposal. Adam Rissien, of the Ohio Environmental Council, called the proposal a “great step forward” saying that the council has long wanted to include manure in legislation for more state regulation.

AWWA To Congress: Controlling Nutrient Pollution Key To Preventing Cyanotoxins In Drinking Water

February 5, 2015
The subcommittee hearings are in response to an event in August 2014 when the City of Toledo, Ohio, found the cyanotoxin microcystin in finished water and issued a “do not drink” advisory for more than 400,000 people. The contamination was the result of an algal bloom in Lake Erie.

Ohio Senate renews push for water bill

February 4, 2015
Kristy Meyer, of the Ohio Environmental Council, called the bill “a good first step” based on what she’d seen so far. “We need to do something, and we need to do it right away,” she said. “We should have done this last year. The clock’s ticking, and all these people in Toledo are probably wondering what’s going to happen.”

Ohio Senate - Clean lake bill will have 2 hearings this week

February 2, 2015
The Ohio Environmental Council is praising state legislators for re-introducing a bill that attempts to stem the flow of phosphorus and other nutrients that feed the toxic algal blooms in the western basin of Lake Erie. However, Jack Shaner, the council’s deputy director, said the bill needs to include several features to be effective, including: • A ban on the application of fertilizer and livestock manure to frozen and snow-covered ground in the western basin.