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Will fertilizer-certification program cut algae blooms?

April 14, 2014
“It is clear that a nutrient is a nutrient, whether it comes from commercial fertilizer or manure,” said Kristen Kubitza, director of water policy for the nonprofit Ohio Environmental Council.

Group kicks off listening project in Carroll, Columbiana counties

April 14, 2014
"The oil and gas industry has done a nice job painting a very rosy picture of what fracking will bring to our state," stated Melanie Houston, Director of Water Policy & Environmental Health at the Ohio Environmental Council. "The Listening Project will give people living in the gaslands of Eastern Ohio an opportunity to share their observations and will help the public at large learn a fuller picture of the impacts of shale gas development in Ohio."

Ohio EPA says Cuyahoga River sediment must go in disposal facility this year, not Lake Erie

April 14, 2014
"Dumping toxic sediments into Lake Erie is a dumb idea," said Johnson. "It would pose a triple threat to drinking water, fish and wildlife, and the outdoor recreation economy that depends on a healthy lake."

Chemical regs hit snag in House

April 7, 2014
Since 1976, just 200 chemicals have been evaluated for safety, and the EPA has only been successful in restricting five, said Melanie Houston, director of water policy and environmental health for the Ohio Environmental Council.

Ohio Environmental Advocate Says State Taking Steps Toward Facing Climate Change

March 31, 2014
“We’re improving the efficiency of our existing power fleet and deploying more and more emission-free technology such as wind, solar, waste-heat recovery, in order to help meet our demand for electricity,” Demeter said.

NW Ohio to play key role in chemical reform

March 31, 2014
"The TSCA provides the framework for regulating more than 80,000 chemicals in commonly-available products, but this framework is failing the American public and desperately needs reform," Houston said.

Ohio GOP bill would freeze state energy efficiency and renewable energy at current levels

March 28, 2014
"So the Ohio Senate wants to pull the plug on billions in consumer savings, drive new jobs and investment in wind and solar out of state and transfer more ratepayer dollars to Western states to import more low-sulfur coal. Welcome to Ohio's new energy policy -- Jobs Wyoming," said Jack Shaner, a spokesman for the Ohio Environmental Council.

Environmentalists and Farmers Sound Off on Fertilizer Rules Aimed at Stemming Algal Blooms

March 28, 2014
“That is a positive thing, because a nutrient is a nutrient is a nutrient,” Shaner said. “Once it gets in the water, if there’s too much of it, it can fuel this toxic algae growth.”

Documentary Exposes Dangers Of Flame Retardant Chemicals In Household Products

March 26, 2014
"We really need to have a law that can take action on chemicals and give states authority to pass stronger laws and aggressively protect our most vulnerable populations, children and babies, and or cours, firefighters, who are out there everyday, working to save lives,” said Melanie Houston, Ohio Environmental Council.

Ohio bill to curb farm runoff into Lake Erie nears vote

March 25, 2014
"It is modest improvement, but it is improvement," said Jack Shaner, of the Ohio Environmental Council. "Streams don't know if the phosphorous is coming from fertilizer or manure. Today we got fertilizer. Tomorrow we'll keep going after manure..."