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Waukesha's Great Lakes water grab should sink without a ripple: editorial

September 3, 2015
The Waukesha diversion – if referred by Wisconsin and approved by the Conference and ultimately by the Compact -- will set a precedent and "will be the death of the Great Lakes by a thousand straws," as Kristy Meyer of the Ohio Environmental Council puts it.

FirstEnergy ‘bailout’ hearing in Ohio starts Monday

August 28, 2015
“The Clean Power Plan is really a signal to policymakers to end unnecessary coal subsidies, which is exactly what the coal bailout would be,” said Brennan Howell at the Ohio Environmental Council.

Supporters of Issue 1 say redistricting change to promote ‘fair elections’

August 27, 2015
“As environmental advocates, we find ourselves often facing legislative battles and policy changes that we know to be out of step with what Ohioans want,” said Hannah Tyler of the Environmental Council.

Drs. Roizen and Oz: Senate may ratify legislation to repeal meat's County of Origin Labeling Act

August 25, 2015
It's starting to sink in with a lot of people that fracking's practice of pumping tons of toxic liquid chemicals into the ground at extremely high pressure may have long-term, far-reaching effects on everyone. The Ohio Environmental Council has stated that "regulations in Ohio remain woefully inadequate when it comes to protecting human health and the environment from the radiological and chemical risks associated with fracking waste."

Should swimming be banned when Lake Erie water is unsafe? Toxic algae policies differ across Ohio.

August 24, 2015
Last year, Lake Erie's algae problems attracted international attention after toxins detected in Toledo's drinking water left the city without safe water for three days. Most of that attention; however, focused on the issue of safe drinking water. From a public health standpoint, we can only do so much." Rissien isn't sure that same level of awareness extends to swimmers and other recreational users of the lake

U.S. EPA releases plan to curtail methane emissions from oil, gas wells, pipelines, processing plants, storage facilities

August 19, 2015
“We know that people living in oil and gas country in Ohio are particularly vulnerable to health problems from air pollution,” said Melanie Houston of the Ohio Environmental Council. “The methane pollution standards are a big step forward in protecting citizens from smog and toxic air.”

Ohio wildlife area may be first mined since court ruling

August 16, 2015
Nathan Johnson, a lawyer for the Ohio Environmental Council, an advocacy group, criticized the plan. “Strip mining means the total destruction of the land,” he said. “In this case, it means the destruction of a natural area owned by the people of Ohio.”

Environmentalists fear launch of strip mining in Ohio state wildlife area

August 10, 2015
“Strip mining means the total destruction of the land,” said Nathan Johnson, lawyer for the Ohio Environmental Council, an advocacy group.

Column: Ohio’s farmers should be growing food, not fuel

August 5, 2015
In Toledo, a massive bloom in 2014 left more than half a million people in the city without drinking water. The Ohio Environmental Council declared, “A much better job needs to be done of managing the agricultural phosphorus that feeds the algal blooms.” They’re right. We do.

On the anniversary of the Toledo water crisis, algae returns

July 31, 2015
Adam Rissien, director of agricultural and water policy for the Ohio Environmental Council, said that while scientists agree that most of the phosphorus that gets into Lake Erie comes from runoff when it rains on rural land, they don't know what's producing that phosphorus. How much comes from fertilizer, how much from manure, how much from septic tanks? It's important to find out, Rissien said.