Healthy Air & Climate

Each day, you breathe 2,000 gallons of air. Shouldn't that air be as clean and healthy as possible?

Healthy air and the earth's climate are intricately linked to our environment, economy, communities, and quality of life. Ohio’s air has greatly improved over the decades thanks to community groups, the national Clean Air Act, and individual action by millions of people.

However, too many of us must still breath air that is polluted and unhealthy. In fact, more than 127 million people across the country live in areas that are failing air quality standards. Low-income families bear a disproportionate burden of poor air quality and impacts to human health

As our planet warms due to human-caused climate change, researchers project that we will see more intense storms, fires, floods, and droughts. These events will impact our homes, infrastructure, food supplies, air quality, neighborhoods, and natural areas. Cutting greenhouse gas and aerosol emissions can limit the severity of climate change impact while creating new technologies and markets that will benefit our economy.

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