Lake Erie Management Plan

The OEC is working on many fronts - and with many partners - to improve, sustain, and protect the quality of Lake Erie.

The Lake Erie Lakewide Management Plan (LaMP) is a collaboration between the United States, Canada, and many watershed groups, scientists, local officials, and water enthusiasts.

About one-third of the total population of the Great Lakes basin resides within the Lake Erie watershed. In total, approximately twelve million people live in the Lake Erie basin (watershed), including seventeen metropolitan areas with more than 50,000 residents. The lake provides drinking water for about eleven million of these inhabitants.

The LaMP unites a network of stakeholders in actions towards a common goal - to restore and protect the Lake Erie ecosystem for future generations.

Lakewide Management Plans

A Lakewide Management Plan, or "LaMP," is a plan of action to assess, restore, protect and monitor the ecosystem health of the Great Lakes. It is used to coordinate the work of all the government, tribal, and non-government partners working to improve the Lake ecosystem. A public consultation process is used to ensure that the LaMP is addressing the public's concerns. 

LaMP Public Forums

Throughout the year, the Ohio Environmental Council and partners host Public Forums to provide infomation and receive input on the Lake Erie Lakewide Management Plan.

Join the OEC and our many partners in the U.S. and Canada for discussions about improving water quality, wildlife habitat, biodiversity, and the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative proposal.

Stay tuned for the next Public Forum.


If you are interested in participating in the LaMP Listserv, please contact us at or (614) 487-7506. The Listserv is a vehicle for the participants to share experiences, successes, questions, and projects.