How We Can Help You

Kids at Darby Creek

OEC’s William W. Ellis, Jr. Ohio Environmental Law Center (OELC) fields numerous calls from Ohioans who have had trouble finding attorneys to assist them with environmental law complaints, or who simply do not have the money to pay an attorney.

Questions range from the simple to the complex and cover topics as diverse as human health impacts to habitat destruction.

While the Law Center’s attorneys would like to take every environmental case that needs resolving, it’s just not possible. 

However, the Law Center strives to support those adversely impacted by environmental harms by being a resource to:

  1. Connect Ohioans with knowledgeable attorneys through our network of lawyers; and
  2. Assist attorneys representing environmental plaintiffs with legal research, analysis, and document drafting to keep costs low.

Citizen Guides to Help You

Over the years, we have found that many individuals and community groups have the legal recourse to defend their own health and the human and environmental health of their local communities. They also have the capability, with the right guidance and tools, to undertake legal action on their own to successfully right environmental wrongs. 

Therefore, the Law Center publishes Citizen Guides to:

  1. Provide individuals and community groups with user-friendly tools to help them protect their communities from environmental degradation; and
  2. Increase public awareness and understanding of state and federal environmental laws.

You can read the Citizen Guides online and request paper copies here.

Legal Representation

The Law Center’s main client is the Ohio Environmental Council, and our attorneys represent OEC in cases from the Public Utilities Commission, to state and federal court. However, the Law Center, on rare occasions, also represents individual OEC members or member organizations with their environmental issues

The Law Center considers the following factors in determining whether to accept a case and become a full party or represent OEC members:

  • Significance of the environmental impact
  • The issue furthers the Mission of the OEC
  • Likelihood of a “favorable outcome”
  • Possibility of establishing a legal precedent of statewide significance
  • Support of OEC members or member groups
  • Availability of funding
  • Degree to which the case fits the strategic plan of OEC

For more infomation, please contact us at or (614) 487-7506.