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You have the power to make positive, lasting change for your community and for Ohio. Decision makers - from our local officials to our lawmakers in Washington - need to hear from YOU on important environmental and conservation issues.

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Ohio Senate Looking to Freeze Ohio's Clean Energy Future

After several failed attempts to weaken or repeal Ohio's clean energy standards, the Ohio Senate is, once again, trying to scuttle the progress our clean energy economy is making. Supporters of this...

Help Protect the Health of Kids and Families

The United States House of Representatives just introduced the Chemicals in Commerce Act (a “discussion draft”) that is more a gift to the chemical industry than any sort of public health reform. The...
Clean Energy ohio

Take Action Now to Preserve Ohio's Clean Energy Future

The Ohio Senate just announced that it will hold off on plans to gut clean energy and energy efficiency laws in Ohio for the rest of 2013. This is good news. But the effort to protect consumers and...
Fracking well close to home

Sign On to Prevent Risky Fracking in Ohio

Urge Ohio's General Assembly to call a "time out" on new fracking well permits.