OEC Victories

Ewing Island
Ewing Island by Trish Sostaric

Working with partners and members for more than 40 years, the Ohio Environmental Council has garnered legal victories and championed effective public policy that unleash the power of green in Ohio.

Here are just a few of our most recent successes.

Saving Ohio's Vanishing Wilderness

The Ohio Department of Foresty wanted to open up 8,000 acres of protected land to logging, but we helped change their plans. Read full story.

Clean Ohio Fund

The OEC and partners worked hard to assure that the full $52 million remained in the state operating budget. Read full story.

Ohio's Energy Efficiency Law

When FirstEnergy attacked Ohio’s successful Energy Efficiency Resource Standard, the OEC took action. Read full story.

Protecting the Sawmill Wetlands

The OEC and partners worked for nearly a year to find a common-ground solution that would meet all parties' interests. Read full story.

Helping Farmers & Wetlands

With expertise in environmental law and experience navigating the courts, we fought for local landowners and the wetlands and we won. Read full story.

"Biomass" Project Abandoned

Utility giant FirstEnergy abandoned plans to repower a facility with unknown sources of "biomass" material just days after the OEC filed an appeal. Read more.

Lake Erie Shoreline Case Ends - Almost

While the OEC’s vigilance with this case has protected the public’s right to access the shoreline, there is more work to do. Read more.

Power Plant Canceled

The OEC's legal challenges and advocacy work led developers to cancel plans to construct a 1,000-mega watt coal-fired power plant on the Ohio River. Read more.

Ohio's Wild & Scenic Rivers

Together, the OEC, our members, and the environmental-conservation community saved Ohio's Wild & Scenic Rivers program from elimination. Read more.

Great Lakes Restoration

Thanks to the OEC's support, Ohio's Congressional leaders helped secure $475 million to advance restoration of our Great Lakes. Read more.

Ohio's Clean Energy Laws

The OEC championed Ohio’s new Clean Energy Laws, some of the most progressive alternative energy and energy efficiency standards in the county. Read more.

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