Green Jobs & Innovation

Wind turbines

Led by smart public policy, a legacy of innovation, and a skilled workforce, Ohio is shaking off its Rust Belt image in favor of a cleaner, more sustainable economy.

Some of the same hands that made Ohio the backbone of the automotive industry are now making solar panels, installing wind turbines, and insulating attics. As for automobiles, we still make them – only now they’re smaller, smarter, and much more efficient. 

The driving force behind this progress, and the jobs that come with it, is the notion that environmental protection and economic development go hand-in-hand. While much progress has been made, we must make better connections between the employers creating jobs, the educators developing training programs, and lawmakers that craft public policy. 

That’s where the OEC comes in. By fostering smart public policies that incentivize private sector innovation and drive investment in clean energy, we’re developing essential tools and resources for renewing our economy and energizing job creation while being responsible stewards of our environment.

Our Green Jobs & Innovation program is always looking for great interns to help with marketing, communications, and public relations projects. Click here for the description and how to apply.

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