Give Monthly

Green Giving Club members provide steady support for the OEC's work through automatic monthly or quarterly deductions from a debit or credit card. 

OEC Tote Bag

Here's how it works:

  • You determine the amount and frequency of your donation.
  • The OEC will charge that amount to your debit or credit card according to that frequency.
  • Each January, we will send you an annual giving statement for the previous year that can be used for tax purposes.

Join the Green Giving Club and receive a FREE 100% organic cotton OEC tote bag!

Donate through our secure online form and simply choose Monthly or Quarterly giving.


Green Giving Benefits

By giving regularly, you'll make a bigger impact by giving more over time than you would with one check. For example, by giving $25 each month, you'll contribute a yearly total of $300, making you also a member of the OEC's Capitol Club!

Becoming a Green Giving Club member saves you:

  • Convenience - your membership will be automatically renewed each year.
  • Time - no more checks to write, stamps to lick, or envelopes to send to renew your OEC membership.
  • Money - both you and the OEC save money on postage.
  • Paper - the OEC won't print and mail your membership renewal requests.